Garmin GoPro mount BMC & Blendr Bars


Garmin GoPro Mount

All of the Raceware 3D Printed products are designed; manufactured and hand finished in the UK.

This mount is designed to hold a smaller Garmin Edge including, 120,130,200,500, 510, 520, 530, 800, 810, 820, 830. It isnt designed for the larger 1000/1030 models.

It has a gorpo interface underneath designed to hold a small camera or front light (150gram max weight advised)

It is made from 3D printed  nylon and are designed to fit using a gopro style interface to the BMC bars and the Trek Blendr bars. Please ensure you also have the GoPro style fixture that is supplied by the manufacturer.

We always advise using the Garmin bar tether that comes supplied with the unit.

PLEASE NOTE shipping time for these mounts is 7-10 working days

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