Bottrill Take’s National 10 Mile Time Trial Championships in Style

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Sunday Afternoon the Uk’s finest time trialist took part in the men’s National 10 mile time trial championship, 150 riders would face the time keeper on what is know as the Uks fastest 10 mile course.Held at South Cave, near Hull

It was going to be a very hard contested race with the like’s of Michael Hutchinson 10 times a winner and the former competition record holder for the distance in a time of 17:45. Until Alex Dowsett – Team Movistar beat it earlier this season with 17:20. Also making the trip from the continent would be Ryan Mullen-An Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly, the Irish road and time trail National champion. Adding in the mix would be Matthew Bottrill already the National Champion at 25 & 50 miles

The racing got underway at 2pm, and with the time being posted it was a clear indication that it was going to be a great day for time trialing.Edmund Bradbury Cambridge University RT was the first rider to show promise with 18:15 it would take nearly 2hrs for this time to be moved with Russell Hampton Team Athlon Sport – Cloudnine Telecoms 17:58.

Butt then the Battle that everybody had been anticipating started with Bottrill first to take the stage. Soon into his stride, Bottrill Blasted to the half way point in 8:40!! A full 8sec’s than any other time set. Pushing all the way to line Bottrill crossed then line in a very rapid 17:40, the 2nd fastest time ever set on uk roads. And a personal best by 45 seconds!

Mullen, was now into full flight and was just 1 secs of the pace of Bottrill, but could he pull it back in the final miles? With 1 mile to go he was 3 secs up! But Bottrill had finished strong. Surging to the finish line he was just 2 secs shy of Bottrill ‘s leading time.

There was just one rider that could spoil the party, Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT, But at the half way point Hutch, was 15 secs in areas. But finishing stronger than any rider he could not pull the time back but stopped the clock in 17:53, for a place on the podium.

It was a great day out for With Bottrill winning performance and with the backing of Mark Jones 18:41 and Daniel Barnett 19:00 they smashed the competition record 10 mile record

Once Bottrill, had composed himself we caught up with at the finish” Im totally made up with today’s ride. I trained so hard for this pushing myself behyod the limits I thought I had. Three weeks of consistent interval training as been pretty tuff. But If I wanted the win I had to ge behyond the limits I had. This was a really special ride, a Championship record, 2nd fastest 10 mile tt ever ridden and a course record to boot”

1 Matthew Bottrill 00:17:40
2 Ryan Mullen An Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly – Foreign (UCI registered) 00:17:42
3 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:17:53
4 Russell Hampton Team Athlon Sport – Cloudnine Telecoms 00:17:58
5 Andy Jackson Team Swift 00:18:02
6 Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 00:18:05
7 Edmund Bradbury Cambridge University RT-Hunter Gibson-Chain Reaction Cycles 00:18:15
8 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 00:18:29
9 David Crawley Fibrax-Wrexham RC 00:18:29
10 Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers 00:18:33

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