Bottrill Takes 6th Place In British National Champs! Then Two Days Later Breaks 50 Mile Competition Record!

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Well where do I start the last week now seems such a blur. I normally write these reports explaining what happened in each race and the riders taking part. But for something a bit different I thought I would explain each race and how it all mapped out. Some will say how can a rider ride at over 31mph for 50miles, yet get caught by Sir Bradley Wiggings after just 11 miles in the British champs so hears how it all mapped out!

Thursday-British time trial championships 25.6 mile

Well this was going to be the day I thought I could show the world of cycling what Matthew Bottrill, was all about. It was going to be a very long day with a start time of 7:56pm, but my life is so manic with work and looking after the kids and day to choices I really enjoyed the rest. Myself and Peter Lavine, traveled down the evening before. So I manged to get a ride in around the course on the morning of the event. And a great nights sleep.

The course was so hard with 2 laps to be completed, over a very technical and hilly circuit. With the major climb of Celtic Manner needing a gear of 42×28. The morning of the training ride its was lovely and sunny. Ideal.

So back to the Preimier Inn to chill for the next 8 hrs. Again I quite enjoyed the chill time. watched some tv and even got another 30min power nap. Life of a pro!

The time to race soon came around and myself and Pete, set of. At this point the rain came pooring down, and would saty for the rest of the evening. Awaiting at the for us where Ian Goodhew- who brought along his camper van, and would basically make sure I had nothing to worry about. Also driving the support vehicle. We were going to town and Dean Hitchings, would be the mechanic for the day.

So first protocol, was to get signed on and get the bike check, I had been supplied a special bike for Giant Trinity from Giant, and I had asked for size small. To save some weight and just fancied something a bit different. But come the bike check it failed the Uci regulation of the handlebars being to low from the point of the tri-bars pads, by 5mm. I’d never seen the rule and still dont fully understand. But could either lower or use my spare bike. Knowing how much difference altering my position could make I went for spare bike option. Dean was great and changed some of the bits over I needed to make sure the bike was at its best. And kept me calm while waiting to warm up.

So come the race it was all a bit surreal being placed in between Girant Thomas, and Sir Bradley Wiggings. The crowds where just unreal and I was well nervous. But I got my ride underway, and was soon into my stride producing some good numbers. Then reality hit coming in to Celtic Manner, Wiggins caught me for two minutes! I’ve never experienced anything like it I was riding the climb at 450-475 watts and Bradley just left me standing. But the support from the crowds was just unreal. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

I would love to say I could have produced more power to up my gain, but the truth is I had nothing left, and was riding a great race. But with the technicality and so much climbing I could not produce the amount of watts needed to compete with the best in the world. The advantage I have when racing is sustaining constant power but I just dont have burst power like these guys.

After the event I was really down, but once home I looked at the data from the ride and knew I really had given it everything. The support received was just unreal. And with a training load averaging just 8.5 hrs a week. I really should not be complaining ” Will I be back?” Of course just cant let it go!

Elite Men

1 Bradley Wiggins Sky ProCycling 26:29 53:56
2 Geraint Thomas Sky ProCycling 27:07 55:04 @ 1:08
3 Alex Dowsett Movistar 27:32 55:17 @ 1:21
4 Luke Rowe Sky ProCycling 28:34 56:55 @ 2:59
5 James McLaughlin Guidon Chalettois 28:24 57:16 @ 3:20
6 Matt Bottrill 28:51 58:03 @ 4:07
7 Mark Christian Team Raleigh 29:01 58:12 @ 4:16
8 Russell Hampton Athlon Sport – Cloud 9 Telecom 29:34 59:15 @ 5:19
9 Joe Perrett Team Raleigh 29:26 59:29 @ 5:33
10 Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven-Colbornes 29:54 1:00:11 @ 6:15

BDCA 50 Mile Time Trial

Two days after the British Champs I manged to pull myself together and ride the fastest 50mile time trail ever produced in the United Kingdom. In a rapid 1:34:43 31.6mph.

It was a great feeling knowing your riding so fast, and the truth was I really wanted to hurt myself. Proving Im still a great rider. And that when in full flight aerodynamically I have one of the best set up out there. For the event I raced the New Giant Trinity, Enve 8.9, Smart disk and the set up I should have had for the British Champs, everything just flowed. It was a great feeling and a nice way to celebrate my birthday.


1st – Matthew Bottrill – 1:34:43
2nd – Adam Topham High Wycombe CC 1:38;27
3rd – Tejvan Pettinger-Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 1:39:36


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